How I met Alf 


I have fond memories of the strip from the early 70s in The Victor. Most
memorable of all was when he went blind [for a reason I can't remember]
and spent some time running with a bandage over his eyes. He had done so
much running on various tracks that he could do it sightless, even
jumping hurdles from memory. On one track this meant he could tell the
hurdles  were positioned incorrectly because he fell over them.

As I recall, the series involved him working his way up to the British
Olympic team and ended with his running in the final of the Olympics. Of
course he won and became the "only blind man ever to win the Olympics".
Then came the finale as he removed the bandage and revealed that some
treatment he'd been having had actually worked and he could see again! I
was actually a bit disappointed, as I thought it would have been cooler
to have been blind when he was running, not simply blindfolded.

All this could have been the product of my fevered imagination of
course, but I'm sure it happened in all its improbable glory. Do you or
any one else remember this?

Other exciting events include the fire at his parents' house that made
him an orphan [I think] and the time he did his back in and couldn't run
- but was saved by a visit to a - then- backstreet and very dodgy

Alf Tupper - we'll miss you...

Simon Clarke UK