How I met Alf 

 I first became aware of Alf at age of 8 yrs old , in the comics my father would bring home from work every friday night.  They were all old back issues of Victor/Wizard/ Valiant etc given to him by work mates. I especially enjoyed reading about his exploits, taking on the toff's from local schools ....during the 70s I seem to remember he gave out weekly tips and advice on running in the comic at the time I was competing as a schoolboy in athletics, mainly cross country races . 
Later on when left school I joined a club and started running, reaching international level. Here I am 25yrs later still competing as vet45.  I've even set up my own Blog site, 'Alfs Diarys' http:/ 

A kind of dedication ter Alf but also daily record of my running too .  
Mike Cadman